Every Winter, Community Action agencies assist Kentuckians with millions of dollars in heating aid. WinterCare is critical to keep the heat on through frigid winter months for thousands of households where the elderly, disabled, and children reside.

Shelby Energy Cooperative partners with area Community Action Kentucky Agencies to help support families in need of financial assistance to keep their heat on through its WinterCare program. Shelby Energy members can designate a donation to the WinterCare fund on their electric bill. For those who donate $50 or more a month, Shelby Energy will match $50.00.

Shelby Energy is working closely with Community Action Kentucky network to prepare families and help them stay warm this winter. Households with vulnerable people, particularly elderly, those with disabilities and small children are being advised to take the following steps :

  • Explore the possibility of setting up a budget plan with Shelby Energy
  • Consider taking advantage of energy efficiency programs provided by Shelby Energy or Community Action Kentucky
  • Practice Energy Conservation
  • Exercise good saving habits and find out about possible personal and family budget counseling available at your local Community Action Agency

For More information about what the funding reduction means for Kentucky, Please contact your local Community Action Agency. 

All Donations are tax deductible. When paying your bill by check and using bill payment stub, please indicate the additional amount you with to designate to WinterCare. If you would like to send a separate check, please denote that it is for WinterCare. Be aware that payments made online or through a bill pay source have no way of indicating an additional donation to be made to WinterCare.

 Please contact Shelby Energy Cooperative at 800-292-6585 for more information.


If you need help paying your electric bill, particularly in the Winter months, please contact your local Community Action Agency to see if you qualify for assistance:
Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency - Serves Bullitt, Shelby & Spencer Counties
Tri-County Community Action Agency- Serves Henry, Oldham & Trimble Counties


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