Interconnection and Net Metering

Net Metering is available to eligible member-generators in Shelby Energy Cooperative's service territory, upon request, and on a first-come, first-served basis up to a cumulative capacity of one percent (1%) of the Shelby Energy Cooperative's single hour peak load during the previous year. If the cumulative generating capacity of net metering systems reaches 1% of a supplier's single hour peak load during the previous year, upon Commission approval, Shelby Energy Cooperative's obligation to offer net metering to a new member-generator may be limited. An eligible member-generator shall mean a member retail electric member of Shelby Energy Cooperative with a generating facility that:  

1)    Generates electricity using solar energy, wind energy, biomass or biogas energy, or hydro energy;
2)    Has a rated capacity of not greater than forty-five (45) kilowatts;
3)    Is located on the member's premises;
4)    Is owned and operated by the member;
5)    Is connected in parallel with Shelby Energy Cooperative's electric distribution system; and
6)    Has the primary purpose of supplying all or part of the member's own electricity requirements.

For Level 1 Interconnection and Net Metering, please review the Rate Schedule NM - Net Metering Tariff as approved by Kentucky's Public Service Commission.

To apply for Interconnection and Net Metering, complete the Application and email the form, along with required documents, to

*Level 2 applicants should contact the cooperative directly. Levels 1 and 2 are defined in the Rate Schedule NM Tariff. 

If you have questions, please call 800-292-6585.